Butterflies and Moths of Sri Lanka

Host Plants of Butterflies of Sri Lanka


11. Asystasia Gangetica, Puruk [S]



12. Dipteracanthus prostratus, Nil-Puruk [S]

Common Palmfy

    Puruk [S], Peyptchotti [T], Chinesw Violet [E]       Puruk [S], Peyptchotti [T], Chinesw Violet [E]
    FAMILY : ACANTHACEA [Introduced - Tropical Asia]       FAMILY : ACANTHACEA [Indigenous]
    Hosted by : Danaid Eggfly       Hosted by : Chocholate Soldier

13.Aristolochia indica, Sapsanda [S]

Common Palmfy


14.Mussaenda frondosa, mussenda [S]


    Indian Birthwort [E], Isuru [T]       Vel-butpsarana [S], Vel-illai [T], Mussaenda [E]
      FAMILY : RUBIACEAE [Indigenous]
    Hosted by :Birdwing, Common Rose, Crimson Rose       Hosted by : Commander

15.Aristolochia indica, Naprirtta [S]

Common Palmfy


16.Osbeckia octandra, Heen-bowitiya [S]

Common Palmfy

    Napiritta [S]       Heen-bowitiya [S],
    FAMILY : MALVACEAE [Indigenous]       FAMILY : ACANTHACEA [Endemic]
    Hosted by : Danaid Eggfly       Hosted by :Peacock Pancy

17.Ziziphus spp, Eraminia [S]

Common Palmfy


18.Senna thora, Pethi-thora [S]

Common Palmfy

    Eraminiya, Yak eraminiya , Heen-eraminiya, Maha-eraminiya [S]       Pethi-thoara [S], Vaduttakarai [T, Pot cassia [E]]
    FAMILY : RHAMANACEAE [Indigenous]/[Endemic]       FAMILY : CAESALPINIACEAE [Indigenous]
    Hosted by :Castslius spp., Taracus spp., Discolampa ethion [Pierrots - Lycanidae]       Hosted by : Catopsilia  and Eurema spp [Pieridae]

19.Senna auriculata, Ranawara [S]

Cycas_circinaliscassia auriculata [Syn]


20.Cassia fistula, Ehella [S]

Common Palmfy

    Ranawara [S] Avarai [T], Tanner's Cassia, Matara tea [E]       Ehella [S], Kavani [T], Golden shower tree [E]
    Hosted by : Catopsilia  and Eurema spp [Pieridae]       Hosted by : Catopsilia  and Eurema spp [Pieridae]

21. Chamaecrista sp, Bin-siyambala [S]



22.Under construction, More-soon [E]

Common Palmfy

    Bin-siyambala [S]       MORE PLANTS
    FAMILY : CAESALPINIACEAE [Indigenous]      

will be added continuously

    Hosted by : Catopsilia  and Eurema spp [Pieridae]       Check back again...!


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