Butterflies and Moths of Sri Lanka


Family Nymphalidae Brush-footed butterflies


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Featurs of Family Nymphalidae

1. Medium to large size butterflies; brightly coloured, powerful flyers, prefer sunshine.

2. First pair of legs modified in to brushes and is not suited for walking except few Females of some members.

3. Very few species possess 'tail'; few are ornamented with eye spots (ocelli) on the surface of underside (Picture 02).

  few nymphalidae have tails   eocock Pancy ocelli
  Picture 01.a - Very few species possess 'tail'   Picture 01. b - few are ornamented with eye spots (ocelli)

4. Generally the antennae are less than half the length of the costal margin of the fore wing.

5. Androconia in some males are either absent or weakly developed. Sexual dimorphism is visible in some species.

6. Seasonal dimorphism/ variations also occur especially in dry zone lowland.

7. Some species attract to rotting or over ripped fruit, carrion or animal excreta.

8. Certain species involve in migration (eg: Vannisa cardui, Hypolimnas bolina).

9. Food plants belong to various families


Family Nymphalidae in Sri Lanka

There are 36 species recorded from Sri Lanka with one endemic species

Species Account

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Class: Insecta

Order: Lepidoptera

Sub-order: Ditrysia

Super Family: Papilionoidea

Family: Nymphalidae


few nymphalidae have tails
Picture 03. Some species attract to animal excreta (Polyura athamas).

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