Butterflies and Moths of Sri Lanka


Family Pieridae Whites and Yellows/ Whites and Sulphurs


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Featurs of Family Pieridae

1. Small to medium size butterflies, with light ground colour hence White and Yellows

2. All six legs are well developed and fit for walking.

3. Seasonal variations are very high. Congregate together in large number for mud. sipping/ pudling.

4. The cell is closed in both wings

5. Some genera exhibit secondary sexual characteristics

  • In Ixias and Valeria androcornial scales are present
  • In Catopsila and Eurema there are sex brands on hindwing and/ or forewing
  • In Appias there are abdominal tufts of secondary sexual valve

6. In general sexes are similar. But some members show marked sexual dimorphism and mimicry

7. Take a part in migration and is very pronounced.

8. The larvae are generally green, cylindrical and smooth, sometime with long or short hairs.

8. Food plants belong to Leguminocae, Capparidaceae, and Loranthaceae.


Family Pieridae in Sri Lanka

There are 28 species in Sri Lanka with one endemic species

Table. Number of Species from each genus

Genus Example
Number of Species
Appias  Albatross
Catopsilia Emigrants
Cepora Gulls
Colotis Salmon Arab/Tips
Eurema Yellows
Ixias Orange Tips

Species Account

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Class: Insecta

Order: Lepidoptera

Sub-order: Ditrysia

Super Family: Papilionoidea

Family: Pieridae


Albatross - Mud sipping
Picture 02. - Appias sp aggregate on wet soil for mud sipping / mud puddling.Picture was taken at the riverbank of Kluganga - Pallegama (Knuckels range).

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