Butterflies and Moths of Sri Lanka

Family Geometridae Geometers / Loopers


Featurs of Family Geometridae

1. Commonly known as geometer moths, measuringworms (larvae), inchworms (larvae), loopers (larvae) or spanworms (larvae). 

2. In Latin geometra means geometer or earth-measure. This family get its name refering to the means of locomotion of the larvae or caterpillars, Unlike other caterpillars, geometrid larvae have a gap between their thoracic legs and their prolegs at the end of the abdomen and as a result move by a series of loops.

3. Geometrids come in a wide variety of sizes with wingspans ranging from 12 to 120 millimetres. .

4. Adults are characterized by uniform shape and stance and comparatively small body.

5. The forewings of these moths are broad and triangular in shape with hind wings almost as broad. During the day all geometrids hold their wings outstretched and flat against the surface they are resting on.

6.   Many adults are green or dul gray-brown in colour, often with mottled patterns which when combined with their posture allows them to blend with their surroundings, making them very cryptic.

Family Geometridae in Sri Lanka


Species Account



Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Lepidoptera

Sub-order: Heterocera

Super Family: Geometroidea

Family: Geomtridae

Dysphania palmyra
Geometrinae, Dysphaniini
Hyperythra lutea  
Ennominae, Caberini
Hyperythra lutea
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