Butterflies and Moths of Sri Lanka

Family Saturniidae Emperor moths


Featurs of Family Saturniidae

1. Commonly known as saturniids

2. The Saturniidae includes largest and most spectacular  moths such as the giant silkmoths, royal moths, moon moths and emperor moths etc..

3. Wingspan ranging from 65 to 270 millimetres across, Hercules moth [ Coscinocera hercules] is the largest species (adult wingspan of about 270 mm) of all moths and butterflies.

4. Adults are characterized by large size, heavy bodies covered
in hair-like scales, lobed wings, reduced mouthparts, and small heads.

5. These moths are sometimes brightly colored and often have translucent eyespots or "windows" on their wings.

6.  Sexual dimorphism varies by species, but males can generally be distinguished by their larger, broader antennae.

Family Saturniidae in Sri Lanka

There are four species in Sri Lanka with three genera and no endemics.

1.Attacus atlas - Atlas moth

2.Attacus ricini

3.Antheraea mylitta - Tussur Moth

4.Actias Selene - Indian moon moth

Species Account



Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Lepidoptera

Sub-order: Heterocera

Super Family: Bombycoidea

Family: Saturniidae

Attacus atlas - Atlas Moth
Photography by Pramith Aluthwattha        
Antheraea paphia - Tussur Moth
Tussur Moth
 Actias Selene - Indian Moon Moth
Tussur Moth
 Actias Selene - Indian Moon Moth Caterpilars
Tussur Moth

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