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Ayubowan!, I’m Tharanga Aluthwattha and I write ‘Butterflies and Moths of Sri Lanka’ to facilitate and popularize Lepidoptera researches and conservation in Sri Lanka. My effort is to focus not only the knowledge but also, problems, resources, solutions and actions for Lepidoptera research and conservation. The focal point will be on serious entomologists to school kids. Because, though researches begin in higher ends of academia, conservation can be initiated from its lower ends (and I am practicing that).

 My general research interests include Entomology (Lepidoptera and Odonata), wetland ecology, and Biodiversity and Habitat conservation management. My major research area is ecology, conservation, systematics,  evolutionary biology and biogeography of Lepidoptera.

My past and ongoing specific researches include endemicity, mimicry, migration, behaviors, and habitat preference of butterflies and moths, plant - butterfly interactions, systematic of Sri Lankan moths, Geographic and climatic morphological variations of butterflies (Satyrinae), Lepidoptera diversity in selected habitats, Lepidoptera pest, Life history - survival rate, development and metamorphosis of Lepidoptera.

I study impact of environmental degradation (habitat fragmentation, loss of habitat, alteration of microhabitats), invasive species and climatic change on Lepidoptera and impact of water chemistry on wetland fauna.

I further study diversity, population structure and dynamics of Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies)

If my work is useful or interesting, you can pay me by few words. Any comment is highly welcome. Thank you for visiting!

Tharanga Aluthwattha



Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden,

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,



The Habitat Conservation Initiative,

Lepidoptera Research and Conservation Programme,



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